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You know that smile sweetheart. The sun is rising with you almost on my face. Happy anniversary, sweetheart. If they brought seven different kinds of bees from seven different climates and seven different bees made seven different honey from seven different flowers, it wouldn’t be as sweet as you. You are the most beautiful flower, the most beautiful feeling, the most beautiful view in the world. The meaning of my life, so glad you exist! You are my wife whom I love more than my life. I love you just because you are… The most powerful of the dozens of reasons I can count; because I love you….

I am glad you came and saved me from this torment, my dear… My woman I would like to sleep with you for life… I love you very much, my dear. My whole world is you, darling, as if someone turned the lights out while you were away, everywhere is dark. This world is enjoying with you, it seems to wither its flowers the moment I leave you…. I thought there was only one woman in my world, but after seeing my daughter, I realized that I could gladly make room for both women.

I love you so much my dear wife…. The most beautiful woman of my life, the mother of my child… Our child is my one who got her beauty from you, I can’t take care of you both.

You are my dear…. To hope for you, my heart. I loved you, because you are. I loved my heart, because he loved you. People will see it once in a lifetime. I saw that star in you, my love. Do not put an end to our beautiful love, I brought you an armful of commas. HE

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